We realize that your business does not stop just because you need service on a piece of equipment.  It is virtually impossible to pull away during the workday to drop off something at an off-site location, no matter what it is.  How many days did it take you to drop off your last UPS shipment, just because you had to go outside the office to do it during business hours!  Our highly skilled technical staff is ready to come to your place of business and take care of all of your technology needs, without inconveniencing you or your employees to have to drop off your equipment at our service center.  All of this equals less downtime for you and more revenue stays in your pocket, making your company as profitable as possible.

Services Performed

As a full service integrator, Custom Computers is capable of taking care of virtually all of your technology service needs.  From laser printer repair to a down network server and all points in between, we're here when it counts and will give 150% until the problem is resolved, period.


Emergency Service

Realizing that companies cannot afford downtime during the middle of a hectic workday, we offer IMMEDIATE knee-jerk emergency service to anyone and everyone that calls in needing it.  As an emergency service customer, you will immediately go to the "head of the class" and get the next available analyst or engineer dispatched to your office.

Service Contracts

As a value add service to our regular clients, we offer the opportunity for monthly and pre-paid service contracts.  These contracts are designed to offer preventative maintenance, remote monitoring, regularly scheduled visits and discounted labor rates.  Service contracts are a win-win-win for our clients and we highly recommend you consider implementing some level of service contract for your company to shift from REACTIVE mode to PROACTIVE mode.

Maintenance Contracts

As mentioned above, maintenance contracts constitute remote monitoring, regularly scheduled visits as well as discounted labor rates.  Kind of like taking your car in for a "check-up" a few times per year to make sure nothing is breaking, BEFORE it breaks.

Coverage Area

Our normal service coverage area is about 60-75 mile radius from Winchester.  Typically we go as far north as Hagerstown, MD, east to Manassas, VA, south to Harrisonburg, VA and west to Romney, WV.  We have traveled down into Baltimore, Rockville and the D.C. area for clients in the past and are always happy to do so when requested by our regular clients.  In fact, we have even been in Richmond before for one of our client's satellite offices.


Typically our service rates are $95/hr. for normal on-site service and $125/hr. for emergency or engineering level service.  Discounted labor rates vary depending upon the amount of hours per month or pre-paid in the contract.  Rates possibly as low as $60/hr. for larger scale contracts.

Place Service Request

To place a service request, call our office at 540-722-9688 and ask to speak to either the Service Manager or one of the Network Analysts.

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